The California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO) welcomes you to its electronic Community of Practice (e-CoP). CALPRO’s e-CoP supports peer-to-peer learning through free, structured online professional learning events and related activities in support of increasing the rigor of academic instruction. Members also share curricular resources to help create a statewide online repository of materials that adult educators have used to increase their students’ college- and career-readiness.

Across California, adult education students are challenged to succeed on high school equivalency tests that are based on more rigorous College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS), drawn from the Common Core State Standards. The GED and other new HSE tests, for example, require adult secondary education students to utilize higher-order thinking such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, and to demonstrate academic mastery of a wide variety of complex, informational texts and mathematical concepts. Inside schools, individual adult educators are searching for new ways to help students become college-and career-ready by increasing the rigor of their academic instruction. CALPRO’s e-CoP is dedicated to helping adult educators reach higher together.

Eligibility for E-CoP
Members CALPRO is a state Leadership Project of the California Department of Education, Adult Education Office. CALPRO services are available to all adult literacy providers in California who work in programs funded through the California Department of Education, Adult Education Office's WIOA, Title II: AEFLA grants.  

E-CoP Mission
Our mission is to advance the practice of adult education in California through a learning partnership among practitioners in order to increase students’ opportunities in the workplace and postsecondary education.

Whether you are engaging in e-CoP discussions, attending e-CoP Webinars, sharing your own resources or accessing new ones from the e-CoP or the companion Virtual Workrooms, CALPRO encourages you to begin your professional learning with a thoughtful consideration of your students' current abilities, needs, and goals, and continue to keep the student's perspective in sharp focus throughout your professional learning activities.

This site features a shared calendar, discussion forums, an archive of sponsored Webinars, member profiles, a photo gallery, file storage, links to three Virtual Workrooms on CALPRO’s Website and more.

Getting Started
We encourage all members to watch a video tutorial (4 min) (see link in right sidebar of this page). You'll get a quick overview of the e-CoP, hear about its features, and learn how to navigate the site. For additional help with other topics, check out CALPRO's Visual Quick Start Guide. Feel free to ask for more technical support from Susan Coulter, the e-CoP Assistant Site Administrator.

It's all about our students!



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